The Log Home Guy is a general contractor that specializes in the construction of custom mixed-material homes. We work with our clients to create and engineer their ideas into high quality and energy efficient homes. Our focus is on hybrid log and timber style homes, but many of our favorite projects have challenged us to work with alternative materials and design concepts that require us to master new skill sets. At The Log Home Guy, we strive to meet all your design wishes to allow you to build the home of your dreams, this experience is about you.  Learn more.



Construction Services

Rustic homes often include features that require a particular skill set and tools to install.  Our in-house carpentry crew has experience in working with a wide variety of materials and is fully equipped with project specific tools to ensure a high-quality finish.  Whether you need a tree trunk corner accent or an intricate crown molding, they can do the work.

Design Consultation

Have a floor plan sketched on a napkin?  How about a Pinterest board brimming with new home ideas?  Being able to mold your rough ideas for the perfect house into a set of working plans can be a daunting task.  We have extensive experience working with industry-leading designers and architects, who can help facilitate the entire design process.  Our unique relationship with Wisconsin Log and Custom Homes gives us access to a vast network of floor plans and ideas.

General Contracting

Planning and execution of all the steps in new home construction are crucial aspects to a successful completion.  Our turnkey service can oversee all aspects of your project, including permitting, financial budgeting, contractor selection, and general project management.  We utilize modern software to track the progress of your build.

We are excited to discuss your project!

What is a Hybrid Log Home?

The hybrid log and timber homes that we build are not solid log and timber homes.  Solid log and timber homes are dependent on the r-value of the wood they are constructed from.  The walls and roof systems of our homes are conventional construction, which allows us to incorporate modern HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems and insulation packages with ease, while in turn making our homes extremely energy efficient.  The conventionally framed core also grants the ability to incorporate a wide variety of materials for wall finishes.  Ultimately it allows a client to have a mixed material home without the cost and maintenance issues that are problematic with solid log and timber construction.  Interior wall finishes such as drywall and tile can be used to add interest and functionality to a room without the need for specialized wall systems that are required for solid log and timber construction.  EIFS, metal, stone composite, and other sidings can coexist with log walls, bringing the visual appeal of mixed materials to the forefront.  You can learn a lot more by visiting Wisconsin Log and Custom Homes and exploring the Thermal-Log™ Building System.

Log Home with Mixed Materials