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     Since my college days I spent a fair amount of time with a hammer in my hand and passion for creativity with wood.  My past work experience in management for General Motors and in Emergency Services required me to coordinate the efforts of over 100 employees at a time.  This past experience has helped me greatly when it comes to organizing projects and helping homeowners reach their dreams.  The prospect of building a custom home whether it’s a small retreat, for retirement or a large estate, can all be daunting.

     Like many people my wife and I had always dreamed of building a custom log home.  We wanted a log home, but also wanted the flexibility of not having too much wood.  I am a very quality orientated person with a “do it right the first time” approach to projects.  So our home was no exception, in fact I spent seven years researching log home companies.   At first I was overwhelmed by the fifty plus companies
, all claiming to have the best system.  I started making lists of the pros and cons of each company, visiting company mills, design departments, talking to contractors that had experience working with multiple companies and of course, log home owners.  The one name that kept coming up and had the most to offer was Wisconsin Log Homes

    In 1998 a friend and I built our Wisconsin Log dream home tailored to my family's lifestyle.  One of the things we needed was a large kitchen to accommodate big family gatherings.  To this day my family and I look forward to coming home each day as this house is everything we expected and dreamed it would be. The experience and challenge were very rewarding.  After building my home I continued the experience by becoming a National Authorized Dealer/Builder for Wisconsin Log Homes.  Now I help others to make their dreams of a hybrid custom home come true.         

     My family home is a custom 5900 square foot plan with thermal log construction that features an 8" white pine
exterior, with saddlenotch corners.   I liked the beefy designs offered by Wisconsin Log HomesWisconsin Log Homes also employs a full-time in-house design department and drafting department.  Having extensive building I was most impressed with the engineering approach taken by Wisconsin Log Homes.  The logs for my home, like other Wisconsin logs, are part of a system that insures tight fits and has a 2” x 6” hybrid core wall system that provides very high insulation values compared to a traditional system. They were also with a drawknife, resulting in a more traditional and rustic look and one that exposes the heartwood, which better holds the stain and color.  The fact that Wisconsin Log Homes uses heartwood was impressive, but it was the thermal log system that really won me over.  The super insulated 6” thick inner core walls are unique. The core is airtight, draft-free, and once the home is done, there's never a settling issue.  It truly is the best of both worlds.  Essentially you’re eliminating the bulk of the maintenance concerns that are part of a solid log structure and gaining high R -values.  Another plus is any finish or mix of finishes can be used on the walls.

   When it all comes down to it I follow 3 simple rules:

       1.Structurally sound, beefy, well engineered structure.


       2.Must be practical for the client.


       3.Meet or exceed the aesthetics for the client.

The way I approach it, at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter what I like.  As long as it meets the 3 rules, and the client is happy, it's a good day!

Scott Moran a.k.a. “The Log Home Guy”


Scott Moran and Family