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Understanding your lifestyle and assessing your needs early on in the planning process will help guide the development of a home plan that is functional, practical and affordable. That is the first and most important step. Once we have developed a plan that meets your needs and specifications, I will personally guide you through each step of the journey.  Every client is different in the way they approach their project.  Some decide to do the work (or parts of it) and project management on their own, and others take advantage of my turnkey services and prefer that I manage the project and do the construction for them.  Whatever you decide, I will guide you through the steps you need to take to make your project a success.  Building a home can be exciting and fun, yet overwhelming and emotionally demanding all at the same time.  My goal is to ease your worries and keep you organized, comfortable and safe throughout the home building process.


Develop Your Budget

Financial considerations will greatly influence the size and style of your new home, so it's best to talk to your banker early in the planning process. Determining your budget ahead of time can save you time and disappointments. We will be there to help you keep on track with what you can afford. With our proven processes, we can help prevent you from designing too much house for your budget.     

Select the Right Site

Too many people overlook the impact that site selection can have on your budget and home design. Making the right choices takes planning, research and answers to a lot of questions. Once I know the basics for your future home needs, I will set up a laser and look at your building site, shoot elevations and discuss the many options available.   This site visit also allows me to preliminarily survey the soil, well location, septic placement, road access and potential legal concerns. 


Planning your Home the Sensible Way

The best homes are a synergy of the site and the structure. Why not spend a weekend on the land you've chosen for your home? This is an ideal way to discover what the morning, afternoon and evening is like as the sun moves over your site. You'll be aware of the different views and be more informed as to the best choice of home to suit your site and desires. These are just some of the ideas we'll share with you as you begin to plan your home. We'll ask the right questions.     

Energy Efficiency

In the planning stages of your new home, you will be deciding your future energy bills for years to come. The choices you make now can save you thousands of dollars in future energy costs.  The Log Home Guy takes great pride in building the most energy efficient homes.   We excel in advising you regarding energy efficiency. Ask Scott about our 52 stellar ways to cut costs, not quality, with your custom hybrid home.


Codes, Building Permits and Insurance

I attend continuing education classes on new codes and building techniques regularly. Codes were invented to establish and protect a consistent quality level for residential building. Even though all homes by Scott Moran and Wisconsin Log Homes are designed specifically to meet the building codes adopted by each state, local ordinances usually take precedence. Our team stays on top of this for you so you don’t need to worry.


Everything from permitting, excavation, well drilling, septic, concrete foundation and flatwork, masonry, carpentry, plumbing, roofing, insulation, electrical, HVAC, log and timber application, drywall, textures and painting, and flooring must be well chosen and coordinated. If you decide to employ your own contractor, begin your search as soon as you have a building site and preliminary drawings, even if you don't plan to break ground for several months. If the builder with whom you are working with has never built a Wisconsin Log Homes package before, we will be glad to answer questions and work with your builder as needed. Scott will spend time with your chosen builder to make sure they understand the system and details. From the costs, to all the decisions you will be making regarding a log home, you can count on Scott Moran and Wisconsin Log Homes to make your experience a successful one.


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